INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana United Methodist Conference receipts were strong at the end of October.

According to Indiana Conference Treasurer Jennifer Gallagher, “Year to date finances look good. We have set the (conference) budget cautiously for this first year. We are on target for the 2010. It is difficult to predict where we will end up for income with it being our first year, but we feel confident about covering our expenses for the year.”

Each church covenants with the conference to give 10 percent or a tithe of its monthly income receipts to the Indiana Conference for General Church apportionments, our global outreach as a denomination, and for the programs, resources, missions, ministries and administrative costs of the Indiana Conference.

October giving receipts of our 1,200 congregations to the conference tithe stands at $10.3 million. The 2010 Indiana Conference income budget was approved by the 2009 Indiana Annual Conference session at $13.8 million. That means the conference has received to date 74.8 percent of its budgeted income.

The conference also receives an additional income based on the tithe principle between 1 and 2 percent for each of the ten districts of the conference. Each district finalizes its own percentage for district giving. The 2010 Indiana Conference income budget for district support was approved at $1.38 million. To date the conference has received $1.14 million or 83.1 percent of what was budgeted.

Overall, of the $15.18 million income budget, approved by the 2009 conference session, $11.46 million has been received or 75.4 percent.

That may seem like conference income is behind a bit. But, Gallagher told Together, “We are actually up about $200,000 from this time last year in income however we experienced a combined deficit for 2009 between the two former (North and South) conferences.”

One area of concern in the past has been an annual deficit in the conference camping program receipts. Gallagher said, “The camping program will not have an operating deficit for 2010. Where receipts did not hit projections, spending was held in order to stay within budget. If the camping program has any gain for the year it will be used for future needs including facility maintenance that is often set aside under budget constraints.”

The bottom line, according to Gallagher, is that conference income will meet conference expenses.

The bonus is that Indiana’s United Methodist churches have also received more than $3.2 million in other giving.

“We feel confident about covering our expenses for the year.”

– Jennifer Gallagher