Where do you stand when it comes to your finances and faith? Do you view them as separate entities of a compartmentalized life, or are they viewed as part of a holistic life?

With the aid of Scripture and a fresh look at John Wesley’s sermon “The Use of Money” (available online at http://new.gbgm-umc.org/umhistory/wesley/sermons/50/author), James A. Harnish reminds us in his primer, Simple Rules for Money that “the difference between charitable giving and Christian stewardship is charitable giving is a good thing, but it generally comes from the leftovers of our lives and is usually motivated by a specific need or request. Christian stewardship is a disciplined pattern of giving that is motivated by our identity as a child of God and becomes a consistent part of the way we live.”

Where do you stand? Are you a charitable giver or are you a Christian steward? Through Rejuvenate’s educational offerings for clergy and laity and its grants to clergy, this Indiana Conference-wide project is poised to assist clergy behind pulpits and persons in pews to move from the position of charitable giver to the position of Christian steward.

Rejuvenate is able to offer educational offerings and grants because of a generous matching grant from Lilly Endowment. The Endowment’s motivation for providing such grants to 16 various faith groups in the State of Indiana is its awareness of the negative impact of economic challenges faced by pastors on their personal and professional lives – economic challenges that negatively affect the ability of pastors to lead from positions of strength, including financial strength.

Can you imagine the positive effect that financially literate clergy – clergy who are Christian stewards – can have on congregations? Can you imagine the positive effect that financially literate laity – laity who are Christian stewards – can have on congregations and yes, even communities and beyond? Can you imagine how clergy and lay Christian stewards can have a positive effect on the Indiana Conference and beyond?

Where do you stand? Is it time for you to make a move? Let Rejuvenate help you have a positive effect on you and your congregation.

Visit Rejuvenate’s website (www.rejuvenateindiana.org) to register for these educational opportunities. For more information, contact Rejuvenate Project Director Michelle Cobb at michelle.cobb@inumc.org or call toll-free 877-781-6706.

Christian stewardship is a disciplined pattern of giving…