We’re kin to the Wright brothers

Hoosier United Methodists share something in common with aviation pioneers, the Wright brothers. All are part of United Methodist history in Indiana. Wilbur Wright was born April 16, 1867 in rural New Castle. His father, Rev. Milton Wright, was a pastor of what was known then as the Marion District of the United Brethren Church.

United Methodism in the state of Indiana has an uncommonly rich heritage. In fact, Indiana may be one of the few states to have congregations from all of the major predecessor bodies that became part of what we now think of as The United Methodist Church.

To introduce those historic places across Indiana important to United Methodist heritage, the Indiana United Methodist Historical Society and the Indiana Conference Communication staff have partnered together to provide an interactive Indiana Conference Heritage Map. It’s available online at www.inumc.org and click on Heritage Map in the left hand navigation column on the homepage.

As Hoosier United Methodists continue to get to know one another in the context of new clusters and new district structures, they also can take the opportunity to learn more about the history of our predecessors. This map was produced to acquaint United Methodists of Indiana with some past and present aspects of our church.

The information provided is for those locations where there is something that may be seen and/or visited. The current interactive map is based on an earlier version that was originally prepared in the mid-1970s by a task force of persons from the former Indiana conferences. Dr. Michael G. Cartwright updated that map for the purpose of making it available on the Indiana Conference website. Ms. Cindy Tyree located the geo-codes for each site.

Interact with the Heritage Map at www.inumc.org.