United Methodist Churches of the Indiana Conference has broadly participated in the Cost Stewardship initiative. The initiative introduces businesses to our churches that by their actions have demonstrated a willingness to help us to substantially improve costs. All participation is voluntary. Several hundred locations are registered and the overwhelming feedback has been positive. The no fee to join program design has been very well received. The savings from traditional programs like Office Depot have gained the broadest acceptance to date.

The Cost Stewardship initiative has savings and benefits that are are dramatic -- many up to 40% savings. And those are dollars that can go to support the church's ministry and outreach programs. There is no cost to sign up, no obligation to continue and no hassle.

OUR MISSION...Is to provide easily accessible and sustainable cost improvements to faith based organizations. The savings of both time and money can translate to additional resources for available ministries and outreach.

OUR PRINCIPLES...The financial resources entrusted to all of us and our church belong not to us, but to God...who bestowed these gifts. The efficient management of God's resources supports HIS will to advance ministries and outreach. Together we gain strength, leverage and momentum...standing alone we lessen our opportunities.

Information is posted on the INUMC Conference website @ www.inumc.org . Click on "finance" tab then "Cost Stewardship". Or  you can email (or fax to 317-776-7878) your church name, the contact name, phone and fax numbers and full delivery address to monte.chamberlin@att.net or call Monte at 317-409-2984 for more information. Visit www.coststewardship.org .