NORTH WEBSTER, Ind. – The first major capital project at this campus since 1964 has begun at Epworth Forest Conference Center in North Webster, Ind. This is a moment of great celebration that this campus is being claimed for ministry for generations to come.

As this new construction begins, the camping ministry reported that this past summer has been one of the most successful in many years. During this past summer season of camp, more than 1,100 children and youth made a commitment to Christ, with more than 200 responding to the call of full-time Christian ministry. This is a moment of celebration that the building of the church is taking place in the camping ministry on so many levels including: the changing of lives through commitment to Jesus Christ, as well as the beginning of the construction for the first cabins. The building of the camp is bricks and mortar so that the building of lives in faith can take place.

During the past four years, the world has changed. The new building committee took a fresh look at the building plans for the project. With an eye to the new economy, the building committee has made some important changes from the original plan, changes that reflect their determination to be good stewards of the amazing resource that is Epworth Forest.

The building committee determined that about $3 million could be saved in infrastructure costs like building a new road, and utility work and by simply moving the site of the new cottages to the main campus. Thus the decision was made to move the site of the phase one build for the first three cottages be to the area along the water front behind Freeland house and adjacent to the auditorium, the former site of the amphitheater. Beyond the shift in the site, the committee also has made changes in the cottages that will lower the cost of maintenance and upkeep for the life of the buildings.

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The Epworth Forest Project committee thanks you for your financial and prayer support of the project. Your financial gift will continue to allow the camping ministry to be an effective tool for evangelism with our children, youth and young adults.