CHANDLER, IN – The blessing is not just in the receiving, but also in the giving, according to Amy Hobbs, executive director of the Habitat for Humanity of Warrick County, at groundbreaking ceremonies Sept. 26 on the lot where the new Habitat build is scheduled to begin next week.

“Every good and perfect gift comes from God,” Hobbs told the group gathered for the first turn of the shovel. “The Dore family is getting the gift, but it’s not just them. This house is a good and perfect gift, but as much as it will be a blessing for this family, all who are giving to make this house possible are rewarded.”

Joe and Brandi Dore, along with their children Jenna, Taylor and Mitchell, have already started their share of the labor. They spent the day before groundbreaking at the Habitat store putting together supports for the home.

“The goal is to finish the home by the second week of December,” Hobbs said. That fits in with the theme of this project, “Home for the Holidays.”

Hobbs said prep work for pouring the cement slab foundation will begin next week. Then it will be up to volunteers to do most of the rest of the building.

Newburgh United Methodist Church (NUMC) is sponsoring the construction of the new home. Coincidently, the family who will be moving into it belongs to the church. It was never a necessity for the recipients of the home to be NUMC members.

Hobbs said Habitat applications were not working out for the project, so she asked the project coordinators at the church for ideas of people who might qualify. They recommended Joe and Brandi Dore, who had moved to Newburgh from Texas three years ago. They were able to get the necessary paperwork completed, Hobbs said.

As she explained it, “I feel like God had His hand in it.”


Thursdays and Saturdays are usual workdays in Habitat programs. Volunteers may register at the church on Sundays or during the week, call 812-853-2946 or e-mail “Work will start at 8 a.m. on work days,” Hobbs said. Volunteers with their own tools will move the project along faster, however, Habitat will supply the necessary tools for the jobs scheduled for each given day.”

“The more who show up for work with tools, the quicker it will get done,” she said.

“Not only are volunteers needed for building,” Hobbs said, “support volunteers are needed, as well, for example, to prepare and deliver meals to construction workers.”

Hobbs said volunteers benefit from the experience even more than the family who receives the house.

“When you are here working, blessings will come down to you, be shaken down, pressed together and running over. You will receive something back for your giving,” she said.


Construction co-chair, Kathryn White, said she is a dedicated viewer on Sunday evenings of “Extreme Makeover,” so she’s wanted to be involved with a Habitat project for a long time. Celeste Baumholser, the other construction co-chair, told the Dore family the church rejoiced with them and consecrated the ground for building.

Brandi Dore said the family is still overwhelmed by the prospect of having their own home. “I can only say thank you,” she told the group. “And, I’m sure I’ll be saying thank you a lot through this.”

The Dore family currently lives in an apartment with their dog, Buddy. Buddy’s new home is already built. A youth Sunday School class constructed a dog house as a service project.

The idea for cooperating with Habitat arose in church members after a chance appearance by the Vienna Boys Choir late last fall. Proceeds from the concert started the fund to raise the $60,000 necessary to buy the land and build the house.

Church members pledged to support the project with time and money. Several events have been held to raise money for the fund. The next event will be a carnival, Oct.24, from 3 to 7 p.m. at NUMC.

Photo courtesy of Mark Newton

Turning the first dirt for their new home, Joe and Mitchell Dore man the shovel at groundbreaking ceremonies Sept. 26, in Chandler, Ind., where the Dore’s new home will be built. Newburgh United Methodist Church is sponsoring the Habitat build.

The goal is to finish the home by the second week of December.