According to the 2010 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey released earlier this year, more than 125 million American adults do not have a budget for their personal finances, more than 11 million adults do not monitor their overall spending and don’t know how much they spend on food, housing and entertainment, and nearly 64 million adults admit to not paying all of their bills on time.1

Bill Byrd, a retired United Methodist pastor who attends Calvary United Methodist Church in Brownsburg says, “Taken together these figures make one simple point – millions of Americans need help to control their personal finances. Until that problem is addressed, the quality of their lives will be greatly diminished. And obviously, given their financial situation, they don’t have a huge amount of time and money to pay for expensive classes or consultants to get help.”

As a result, Byrd told Together that he believes a tremendous educational and ministry opportunity exists. In response to this growing crisis, he has written a terse step-by-step workbook titled Basic Budgeting: You Can Do It! This 42-page how-to-do-it book visually illustrates how to create a simple doable budget. It also includes a blank form that can be copied and used to help budget newcomers on their way to more closely track their income and expenses.

This book is written especially for individuals and couples who are creating their first budget or simplifying the budgeting approach they’ve been using. For pastors and churches, this is a good resource for budgeting workshops, a resource to be given couples during premarital counseling, a guide for church members who express personal finance concerns and as a gift to graduates who are leaving home for the first time.

Basic Budgeting: You Can Do It! is available in paperback book ($8.99) and in an electronic format ($6.49) at It’s also available online at

Byrd says he is available to lead “Basic Budgeting” workshops and is working on educational resources for other presenters to use.

1 The 2010 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey, Final Report. Prepared for: The National Foundation for Credit Counseling, April 2010. Prepared by: Harris Interactive Inc. Public Relations Research.