SELLERSBURG, Ind. – The Sellersburg United Methodist Church shares the Gospel, a meal and fellowship with area children each week in a program called WOW. WOW stands for Worship On Wednesday, which is one of the things the congregations does, offering many opportunities for kids at Sellersburg United Methodist Church and its community.

WOW kids started in 2007 with only14 children and on a more recent Wednesday, 74 children showed up for a meal, activities and God’s Word.

This program is offered to kids Pre-School through fourth grade. The 390-member church also added JUMP (Junior United Methodist People) this year for fifth through eighth graders.

Youth Minister Loreana Sutherlin heads up Sellersburg’s JUMP portion of WOW. She saw a need for the middle-school group and joined the group this year to fill the gap between WOW and the church’s youth group.

Children’s Minister Angela Graf says she feels so blessed to be a step in the kid’s long walk with God. Graf is joined by Rebecca Oehmann who makes preschool exciting, whether it be through games, movies, skits or just play. Oehmann says she believes it is important to start the kids in Christian education as soon as they can walk and talk.

A group of volunteers supports the staff by arriving at 5 p.m. to prepare dinner. They serve the kids a meal at 6 p.m. There are games, arts and crafts and WOW-D, a kids dance group led by Sellersburg member Nora Pritchett.

The church plans to add a hand bell choir this fall and a junior choir too.

Graf says, “We have small group sessions for more in-depth lessons and prayer time. Keep this ministry in your prayers; who knows who will be WOWed.”

Sellersburg UMC hosts Worship on Wednesday for the community children.