The signs of a new school year are everywhere – back-to-school sales on clothing, school supplies, dorm-room appliances, school zones requiring drivers to slow down and the other signs that schools are back in session.

We all know that learning is not just for those in pre-K through graduate school. Learning is a life-long endeavor that produces great growth – intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical.

One area that many clergy and laity have not had the opportunity to grow in is the area of financial discipleship. This lack of growth is due in part to the no or lack of emphasis on the topic of financial literacy in the home, the church and also in schools, including elementary, middle, high school, college and, yes, even seminary.

Through the Rejuvenate project of the Indiana Conference, clergy and laity alike have the opportunity to fill this educational deficit.

Take advantage of this opportunity to become more financially literate during this Conference year. Grow in the areas of financial management and planning and stewardship education. Visit Rejuvenate’s website ( to see the listing of 2010-2011 educational opportunities for clergy, clergy spouses and congregations. Once you have identified the course or courses that will assist you to grow personally and corporately as congregations, register online at

Experience a great year of growth in the areas of financial literacy, management and planning and stewardship education.

In addition to learning about the Rejuvenate project by visiting our website, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Rejuvenate project on Sunday, Oct. 24 – Rejuvenate Awareness Sunday.

The Rev. Michelle Cobb serves as director of the Rejuvenate Project. She can be contacted by calling toll-free 877-781-6706 or by e-mail at