WALKERTON, Ind. – In Walkerton, the Community Pantry sits on the main street – Jefferson. The fourth Tuesday of each month, residents from the area needing food, line up with their boxes, sacks and laundry baskets. On those Tuesdays, across from the Pantry, there standing under an open tent, sometimes in weather of 9 to 90 degrees, are the people of Walkerton UMC. When the Growth and Care committee members were talking with Walkerton UMC Pastor Char Harris Allen, the committee wondered what the church could do while the people waited outside the pantry. The committee suggested giving them water or lemonade since it was summer this past September. More ideas along with distributing flyers about the church floated around, and then Pastor Char suggested: “let’s just feed them.” The ministry began. It went so well, feeding around 130 people, that it became a monthly thing. This past Tuesday pantry day, July 27, youth from WUMC were in line to help those in the pantry line. Andrew Allen commented, “I’ve helped before, and it gives me a better understanding of all that I have.” Sarah Knowlton thinks it is “important to serve others.” Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew, “I do not want to send them away hungry, for they might faint on the way.” – Matthew 15: 32b