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Deacons commissioned were (left to right): Julie Macy, Sheri Rohrer and Mary Beth Morgan

Commissioned/Provisional: (left to right): Front row: Kim King, Jim Clark, Gregory Waggoner, Jacob Juncker, Lauren Hall and Donna Ward

Back row: Daniel Cho, Matt Landry, Damon Soper, Billy Nickrand, Anthony Stone, Anthony Hunley, Chris Gadlage and Bessie Adams

Elders ordained were (left to right): Front row: Dave Scifres, Mary van Wijk, Ted Chalk, Ann Spahr, LeKisha Reed, Alex Hershey, Karen Bray and Jerry Turner

Back row: Dave Marty, Kevin Wrigley, Warren Kirk, Dennis Adams, Ed van Wijk, Kevin Reed, Kevin DeKoninck, Bob Preusz, Rebecca Fisher, Bradford Garrett and Brent Wright