There is a wise saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Here is a statement from Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner and the ten Indiana Conference District Superintendents. It is another indication Bishop Coyner and the Superintendents (also known as the Cabinet) are concerned about and care for the pastors of the Indiana Conference.

A Statement to Clergy and Congregations regarding Rejuvenate

The Bishop and Cabinet are thankful for the leadership of the clergy of the Indiana Conference to parishioners and non parishioners alike.

We recognize that many people are facing economic challenges caused by educational and family debt. We know that our clergy in the Indiana Conference are not immune to these same economic challenges that their parishioners are facing. As Bishop and Cabinet, we are empathic toward those clergy and congregational members who are facing such economic challenges.

We worry about what impact this has on their ability to serve the church. We know the stigma that our clergy may feel about this and we stand with our clergy and congregations to overcome this struggle.

We fully endorse the Rejuvenate project as a way of helping our pastors and congregations face this reality. Although the details of a pastor’s finances are kept confidential by the Rejuvenate project, we affirm those pastors who participate in this project and develop a plan to become financially healthy as a person, family and pastoral leader.

When a pastor is to be considered for a pastoral assignment, we see their involvement in Rejuvenate as a significant asset which they bring to the pastoral leadership of the congregation. We also affirm the support a congregation provides when they participate with their pastor in the Rejuvenate project. Our expectation is to have well-equipped and financially sound pastoral leadership for all our churches.

From Bishop Coyner and the Cabinet of the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church, adopted May 19, 2010.