The Rev. Dr. Donald Lacy, a retired member of the Indiana Conference living in Muncie, has written another book, his 15th, about spirituality and life.

This one, titled With an Attitude of Gratitude: A Personal/Professional Memoir, was written from Jan. 1, through Dec. 31, 2008. In this year-long day-by-day accounting of his life and life’s work, Lacy regularly greets the morning with gratefulness and a heart of remembrance and receptivity.

With daily entries, he meditates upon the faithfulness of God, reflecting upon those people who have related with him during each day, always pressing forward with his life’s vision and mission with gratitude.

Of interest to Hoosiers, Lacy included many of their names and his interaction with them in these daily remembrances. Many United Methodists, who are in regular contact with Lacy, will discover their names in the text. Seldom do we get such a daily, personal feel that Lacy provides of one’s life.

Readers will find they are reflecting on and remembering times and events that they share in common with him. He also captures his 75 years of life, ongoing ministry and wisdom that fills both.

With an Attitude of Gratitude was published by Providence House Publishers of Franklin, Tenn., a familiar publisher to United Methodists.

The 187-page book can be ordered online at