YEOMAN, Ind. – The Yeoman United Methodist Church, which was hit by a tornado storm early Sunday morning, June 6, resulting in the destruction of its education wing, was hit again by high winds on Friday night, June 18, that ripped the roof off of the church building and scattered it to the surrounding area. The church had just renovated the building within the past year.

Upon hearing about the first storm, the Indiana Conference Disaster Response Team gave $2,000 to the congregations to assist in their clean-up efforts.

The congregation of the church continues to remain positive despite their situation and the likelihood that they will need to re-build their church.

“You normally find with adversity it does bring everyone together and it becomes a stronger congregation. I am sure it will. Something good will come out of it,” said Walt Williams, chairman of the board of trustees for the church.

The church plans to rebuild its building and remain in the community it has been a part of for more than a century.

All donations to help the Yeoman United Methodist Church can be sent to the church at P.O. Box 656, Monticello, IN 47960.