Bishop Ntambo of the Democratic Republic of Congo stopped by Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner’s office on Monday, May 24 to personally thank him and Hoosier United Methodists for farm tools, 300 bicycles and 50-thousand dollars for church construction. These were collected and raised by pastor and former missionary to the Congo Bob Walters, who served there before the civil war during the 1990s. The farm tools were used to make gardens to assist the Congolese people after the civil war building hope for the future. The 300 bicycles were given to pastors, so they could visit their parishioners. The 50-thousand dollars went to construct church buildings.

Walters returned to Congo earlier this year to travel more than 600 miles on bike visiting pastors across ten districts. His story will appear in the July-August issue of Together.

Read the thank you letter Bishop Ntambo gave to Bishop Coyner here.

Bishop Coyner, the Rev. Bob Walters and Bishop Ntambo pose for this picture in Bishop Coyner’s office at the Indiana Conference Center in Indianapolis.