From the Bishop

The news has been announced: Clarian Health is being renamed or “rebranded” as Indian University Health.

What is in this name change? Several things:

  1. The merger of Methodist Hospital, IU Med Center, and Riley Children’s Hospital more than 12 years ago resulted in a new entity called “Clarian Health Partners” – which was a name chosen to be neutral, or a compromise, or perhaps even an “empty” name into which meaning could be poured. It is an odd name, and my spell-check on my computer is always trying to correct it. So the name “Clarian” has not proven to be a very effective name.
  2. Clarian Health has grown, not only to include the Clarian North Hospital in Carmel and the Clarian West Hospital in Avon, but to include a whole statewide network of hospitals in cities beyond Indianapolis, including Terre Haute, Bedford, Bloomington, Muncie and LaPorte. So the relatively new name “Clarian” has become an outdated name which no longer adequately describes the large, statewide health system which Clarian has become.
  3. The name “Clarian” has never adequately described the relationship with the IU School of Medicine, which is an important part of the system. As the only Medical School in the state of Indiana, and as the alma mater of more than 65 percent of the physicians in the state of Indiana, it seems obvious that a new name should reflect that partnership.
  4. Finally, a study of 1,400 consumers (patients and their families) revealed that very few people recognize the variety of hospitals within the Clarian system are actually a part of the system. Putting a new name and a new logo on all of those hospitals, alongside their historic names like Methodist Hospital, will help people to recognize the whole system.

What’s in a name? It is an effort to describe the “system-ness” of this network of hospitals and the IU School of Medicine. The plan is to increase the connectivity of all these entities so that the patient will encounter a seamless system of health care. A patient brought to an emergency room in one part of Indiana who is transferred to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, for example, should find medical information precedes that patient to the next doctor. No more registering over and over again. That is the goal – a seamless, ease-of-access experience in health care.

The bishop of the Indiana Area of The United Methodist Church remains a permanent member of the board of this newly-named entity, along with the President of Indiana University as the other permanent member. In that capacity, I voted for this name change and hope it will reflect that reality of an excellent system of health care for the people of Indiana.

Bishop Michael J. Coyner
Indiana Conference of
The United Methodist Church
“Making a Difference in Indiana
and around the world”