The former Indiana Area Foundation of The United Methodist Church, now part of the new United Methodist Foundation of Indiana, approved April 23 the new articles of incorporation, bylaws and merger resolutions, which have already been approved by the former North and South Indiana conferences foundation boards.

This means that the new United Methodist Foundation of Indiana is closer to reality and plans to be operational as a new foundation on Jan. 1, 2011. The group, representing all three foundations, nominated and elected the new slate of directors for the new conference foundation. That election will be confirmed at the Indiana Annual Conference session in June.

The two remaining foundations of the former North Indiana and South Indiana conferences also will hold corporate session meetings at Annual Conference to finalize this uniting by a vote of the Annual Conference members of the two former foundations.

Sound confusing? In other words, it is a “go” for the former Indiana Area Foundation and the other two conference foundations, who will vote at Annual Conference to “fold themselves into” the new United Methodist Foundation of Indiana.

Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner called an organizational meeting of the new board of directors of the new Indiana foundation on May 7. Their actions will take effect following the vote at Annual Conference next month.

Coyner thanked the Rev. David V.W. Owen, executive assistant to the bishop, “for his patient leadership and work with the three foundations to get to this point.”