The Epworth Forest Project, at North Webster the building of six new cottages that will allow for year-round programs in the camping ministry, is gaining momentum. This project is primarily aimed to bring youth and young adults to Christ.

Momentum is happening for primarily three reasons. One, the economy is recovering; two, people understand and want to invest in the future of the church; and three, prayer is becoming a major building block of the project.

Recently, I had the privilege of talking with a few of the conference prayer coordinators. They believe being very specific in prayer is vital. They believe if you don’t ask or know what you want, you probably won’t know when your prayer is answered. Being very specific about prayer, they asked me: “What is it you want us to pray for?”

I decided I needed to pray for direction. A few days later, it became very clear to me what my prayer needed to be.

  • Yes, the Epworth Forest Project needs folks to be invested through pledges and gifts.
  • Yes, the camping ministry of our church needs great volunteers and leadership.
  • Yes, as the new plan for the build is being bid, there is a need for God’s wisdom and help.

Got it, yes, there is a need for prayer in all these things. BUT, what we also need to pray for is the life changing presents of Jesus Christ in the lives of our children, youth and young adults. We need to pray that the new plan, the new cabins, the new conference, the new leadership, would be an effective tool of the church to bring our kids to Christ. It was like a light bulb went on stating: This is really about bringing our kids to Christ!

We need to pray for the salvation of our children and youth, so what we are doing will be effective tools – the camp ministry, the new building, the plan to move to year-round camp ministry – and more. These are tools so that Christ will make us effective and faithful and that our kids will come to know Him.

The prayer coordinators all agreed this was a prayer they could pray with joy. Therefore, I ask you to join us in this prayer.

Yes, we need your financial support for the new building and can’t be effective without your gifts. The Epworth Forest Project is just crossing beyond the $2.5 million mark. Yes, of course we need volunteers to be part of the summer camping ministry. We also need volunteers. This conference-wide ministry will serve more than 4,000 kids this summer with 2,000 volunteers.

As we begin another camping season in Indiana, we need your prayer support, seeking God’s wisdom, presence and help as we do “everything it takes to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ.”

Pray with me now.

The Rev. Jean Moorman Brindel, CFRE, AFP, serves as Development Director: The Epworth Forest Project at North Webster, Ind.