The Rev. Joe and Carolyn Wagner have returned to Indiana from West Africa, where they visited schools in Liberia and Sierra Leone and attended the Sierra Leone Annual Conference session. Here is there report.

“Operation Classroom schools should set the example,” stated Staffa Koroma, the education secretary of the Sierra Leone Annual conference. The department of education, in partnership with Indiana-based Operation Classroom, will be setting some standards that they will expect the OC schools to set the examples for the other schools. The Sierra Leone Annual Conference session, which was held March 3-7, adopted a strategic plan for the department of Education. The conference has more than 300 primary schools and 30 secondary schools. Included in the strategic plan:

  1. An emphasis to raise the literacy rate/level in English language by revising the language arts Curriculum with an emphasis on English grammar and establishing literary and debating societies in the schools.
  2. Upgrade the administrative and teaching staff through workshops.
  3. Upgrade the teaching of the United Methodist beliefs in each school.
  4. Have a trained chaplain/counselor appointed for each secondary school.
  5. Have a library and laboratory in each secondary school.
  6. Improve the infrastructural development of each school.
  7. Assist in helping each school to become reliant and self-sustainable.
  8. Develop inter-secondary school sports and games.

Operation Classroom is a partner with the Sierra Leone Conference. Much of their activities were curtailed during the civil war.

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