Rejuvenate, the Indiana Conference-wide educational program for clergy, clergy spouses and laity, has invited national leaders to facilitate several of its educational programs. Through its educational program, Rejuvenate assists the Indiana Conference in becoming a conference of generosity.

These programs feature national leaders in Christian stewardship, such as the Rev. David Bell, Lynette Rice, the Rev. Dr. William Enright and Dick Towner.

  • Bell, the 2009 Annual Conference Bible teacher, serves as a stewardship consultant and is vice president of stewardship with the UM Foundation of the West Michigan Conference.
  • Rice serves as an education specialist with the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits.
  • Enright serves as the executive director of The Lake Institute on Faith and Giving, an affiliate of the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy.

Towner serves as the founder and executive director of Good $en$e Ministry, a faith-based stewardship education program.

These leaders reflect Rejuvenate’s commitment to strengthen clergy excellence and enhance congregational vitality throughout the Indiana Conference.

For a listing of these educational opportunities, visit Rejuvenate’s Web pages at The list is updated regularly.

Studies show that clergy indebtedness and other economic challenges have a negative impact on the overall sense of well-being on the part of clergy. Rejuvenate offers an economic incentive for clergy to compensate for these economic challenges. The economic incentive includes four grants:

  1. The Clergy Education Debt Reduction grant,
  2. The Retirement Fund Incentives grant,
  3. The Family Emergencies grant and
  4. The Called Anew Fund grant.

A description of the grants can be found on Rejuvenate’s Web pages at

Through his research, Dr. Matt Bloom, associate management professor at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, reports that there is a correlation between a clergy person’s financial health and his or her overall sense of well-being. To read his report, go to Rejuvenate’s Web pages at

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Michelle Cobb, director of the Rejuvenate Project

Rejuvenate is for clergy who have much debt, little debt and even for clergy who have no debt.