INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner announced in February the employment of three new Indiana Conference Center staff members in financial services.

Heidi Player joined the conference center staff in February. She serves as acting controller until March 31. She continues her work in finances which began in the former South Indiana Conference Center 11 years ago. She has an associate’s degree in Accounting from Ivy Tech and will complete her B.A. in Business Administration from Indiana State in the summer of 2010.

Emily Burkhart began serving as an accounting/data base clerk on Feb. 15. She previously worked as an office assistant in Nicholasville, Ky. and as a project coordinator for the March of Dimes in Lexington, Ky. She also served as an intern with Outdoor Ministries in the former South Indiana Conference. She is a graduate of Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in public affairs.

Anne Hayton joined the conference staff on March 1 as an accounting/data base clerk. She was previously employed by the Messiah Lutheran Church in Brownsburg, where she served as financial administrator since 2004. She holds an associate degree in accounting from the University of Phoenix.

With the advent of these new employees, the Indiana Conference Center now employees 35 people. Not all these employees work in the Conference Center. Six employees in church development and camping development are deployed across the state.

The ten Indiana District Centers employ a total of 25 people including a District Superintendent, Associate District Superintendent and District Assistant in each of the ten locations.

The position description of each employee is online at Click on About Us then click on Conference Staff. These descriptions are listed under each category of the staff in the right column.

The current Conference and District Centers staffs is a reduction of seven employees from the former two conference staffs and a reduction of 11 employees from the previous 18 districts staffs.

According to the Human Resources Committee, the diversity of the current Conference Center staff includes: 21 females, 14 males, 5 African Americans, 1 Asian, 29 Caucasian, 0 Hispanics and 0 Native Americans. District Center employees include: 14 females, 11 males, 2 African Americans, 0 Asians, 23 Caucasians, 0 Hispanics and 0 Native Americans.