Many changes have come with the creation of the new Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church, including how the conference treasurer handles the receipts from local churches to the district, annual conference and other mission giving.

In December, Conference Treasurer Jennifer Gallagher asked local church treasurers to send all such giving to a local post office box with the U.S. Postal Service. From there, all receipts were forwarded to a centralized bank processing point. Gallagher said that system has proven to be very slow, unreliable and inefficient. She said that several treasurers have reported checks taking many weeks to clear or not clearing at all.

Conference leaders have taken a second look at this process and believe it would be better for local church treasurers to send these payments directly to the bank processing center in order to achieve maximum efficiency rathere than to local post office boxes.

Gallagher said, “We use this bank processing center, because it is more secure and reduces staffing costs in the Indiana Conference Center. With the large volume of payments that are now coming in from across the state, using a professional processing center is better stewardship.”

For all future giving payments from local churches to districts, the conference or other mission giving, local church treasurers are asked to please use the following address: INUMC, Dept 6089, Carol Stream, IL 60122-6089.

Checks can be made payable either to districts or to INUMC – either way will work as long as treasurers mark their intentions clearly.

In a letter to local church treasurers, Gallagher responded, “Thank you for your continued patience as we stay responsive and flexible in our operations. Most importantly, thank you for your feedback on these processes during the past few weeks that have made us aware of the issues. Your continued vigilance will help us serve you better.”

“Thank you for your continued patience as we stay responsive and flexible in our operations.”

– Jennifer Gallagher