There is an immediate need for the following: Requesting physicians of specific specialties to deploy with the National Disaster Medical Assistance teams to Haiti. The need is for trauma surgeons, orthopedists, anesthesiologists and others with experience in treating crush injuries.

Volunteers must be able to serve for at least two weeks and be willing to live and work in Spartan-like conditions. Preference will be given to physicians who are Creole or French speakers, and to those currently credentialed through the Medical Reserve Corps in their home state, or the ESAR-VHP program (Emergency Services Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Personnel).

These volunteers will need to be credentialed as temporary federal employees and will need to be able to provide credentialing paperwork as soon as asked. Credentialing normally takes about a week. If you are a doctor that fits the above criteria, please email us immediately for more details.We will put you in contact with our Federal Partner at once. Thank you for your willingness to serve. For more information, visit