With a Indiana Conference Grant from the Social Advocacy and Justice Team given in 2009 for such a project, Gambling Recovery Ministries’ possibility for outreach is now greatly expanded. Please, check us out at www.grmumc.org.

There is considerable content that is clearly organized and addresses several audiences: problem gamblers, concerned loved ones and friends of gamblers, pastors, mental health professionals, social workers and prevention specialists, and people who want to initiate similar ministries

Links are included to the National Coalition against Legalized Gambling and to the UM General Board of Church and Society.

Compared to most other problem gambling “help” Web sites, the GRM Web site stands out:

It does not carry the “responsible gaming” message.

It is both a help tool, for those seeking help for problem gambling and a ministry aid. There is much information geared to pastors and to those who would like to begin outreach ministries to problem gamblers and their loved ones. Also included is much information provided for counselors and others working with problem gamblers.

GRM is already working on additional pages and a blog will continue to have new postings. E-News “Bonus Pages” also will provide brief pieces of information on current topics and events.

One of the factors that google.com uses to prioritize the placement of Web sites on their Internet results listings is the number of links to each Web site. Just think how many links to GRM’s Web site there would be if all United Methodist church Web sites in the Indiana Conference – and beyond – would link to www.grmumc.org.

GRM also requests District Centers to provide a direct link to the GRM Web Site. By doing this, the word about help for those affected by problem gambling will be more directly communicated to United Methodist parishes, as well as to others seeking help; and the GRM Web site would appear higher in the search results and, therefore, more people could be reached by this ministry.

The Rev. Janet Jacobs serves as director of Gambling Recovery Ministries, an Indiana Conference Advance Special of The United Methodist Church.

It is both a help tool, for those seeking help for problem gambling and a ministry aid.