You are indeed in the North Central Jurisdiction! Each jurisdictional Coordinator has been asked to keep a list of volunteers so that when United Methodist volunteers are allowed back in Haiti, we can have a coordinated effort from UMC members. Team members will need a valid passport, updated tetanus shot and hepatitis A and B shots.

Teams going into Haiti will have to have team leaders that are trained UMVIM team leaders. The team leader will have to have had some experience in Haiti. Some Early Response Team experience would not hurt also.

The Indiana Conference coordinator is Bonnie Albert ( She is offering team leader training in the Indiana Conference in March and April.

When going to Haiti, you pay your own way and may have to bring in all food and supplies. This is dependent on when we are allowed in and the conditions in the area you are placed in. Teenagers would probably be fine but I would suggest that a parent travel with them. What they might see is not going to be pretty.

We will wait for the word from the Methodist Church of Haiti and from UMCOR as to when it is advisable to go in. That will be the juncture when it seems that volunteers can help more than just consuming valuable time and food and other resources needed by the Haitian people. All will endeavor to do good, do no harm and definitely learn to love our God more while on this mission.

We want to work on some spiritual formation resources – so that we are able to better serve the mental, physical and spiritual needs that are being faced by the Haitian people. Every family in Haiti has lost someone; many have lost many relatives; some whole families are gone.

The Haitian people will need us. Thanks for sending in your contact information.

Your contact information will be placed on an e-mail list for updates on Haiti.

If you are interested in volunteering for relief projects in Haiti, please register online at

Lorna Jost, serves as coordinator of the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission – North Central Jurisdiction.