One Great Hour of Sharing, March 14

Join United Methodists everywhere by participating in this special offering that supports United Methodist Committee on Relief’s (UMCOR’s) vital work. Your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing lay the foundation for UMCOR to seek justice and mercy for suffering people everywhere.

You can be assured that when catastrophes cause suffering, your church, impelled by Jesus’ love and compassion will be in the lead to ease the pain.

For 70 years the people of The United Methodist Church have put the spirit of Micah 6:8 into action through UMCOR.

Essential of UMCOR

Gifts to this offering underwrite UMCOR’s “costs of doing business.” That helps us keep UMCOR’s promise that 100 percent of each other gift you make to a specific UMCOR project can be spent on that project-not on home office costs.

UMCOR is a good steward of God’s gifts. UMCOR’s top ratings by both Charity Navigator and the American Institute of Philanthropy attest to UMCOR’s financial accountability.

Offering gifts over and above those used to cover administrative costs are channeled where they’re most needed. UMCOR’s specialized ministries responding in disaster, fighting hunger, alleviating poverty, providing relief supplies around the world, and offering hospitality to immigrants and refugees all assist the most vulnerable people whose need is greatest.

Celebrate One Great Hour of Sharing March 14

While One Great Hour of Sharing is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, you can choose the date that works best for your church schedule. Offering materials are available online and in print throughout the year to support your offering celebration.

UMCOR receives no World Service funds or any other general church apportionments. Your gifts mean we’re right there with hardworking families, people who are affected by storms or war, disaster or disease. The One Great Hour of Sharing offering provides essential support to UMCOR. Without this offering so much of what UMCOR does to bring hope and healing to the world could not happen.

How your gifts help

Keep the Lights On. Most gifts coming to UMCOR have been designated for specific programs-and those programs receive 100 percent of those gifts. So part of the One Great Hour of Sharing offering plus a small percentage of other general donations support UMCOR’s cost of doing business.

Fill-in Fundraising. Donations to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering also assist UMCOR programs that have not been fully funded through designated Advance gifts.

Answering Jesus’ Call

United Methodists’ donations often become the springboard for additional funding.

The compassion of Jesus makes all things new. As Christians we’re called to do the same: to offer the hands, the heart and the hope of the church wherever people are suffering. Your gifts to the One Great Hour of Sharing, channeled through UMCOR, enable the church to answer that call.

Order resources today from They include offering envelopes, bulletin inserts, worship resources. video and a poster. Videos and other resources from UMCOR are available online at