A Campaign for the Camping Ministry at Epworth Forest in North Webster is entering its second year. The project is raising ten-million dollars to build and upgrade facilities at this Indiana Conference retreat center and senior high camp.

One question many people ask me is, “how do you get folks to give money for buildings?” The answer is simple, you don’t. Most folks are not giving money to just build buildings; they are giving money to make evangelism and discipleship happen with children. They are giving so that kids will know Christ. The project is not about buildings, it is about the eternal salvation of our children.

Another question that people ask me is, “Do you think that building the camps will help save our churches?” Well, sure – OK – yes, it will. The more people who know Christ, the stronger our churches become. But more importantly, improving the camp and retreat ministry of the conference will allow the church to save our kids!

People ask why they’ve not heard much about the capital fund campaign. The answer is we are in what is called “the silent phase of the campaign.”

That means people who can make large gifts are asked first. In late spring of this year, the public phase of the campaign will begin to kick in. In this silent phase, we have raised more than two-million dollars from about 40 donors. The question is not how many donors, but how invested are United Methodists to this ministry?

Let me ask you the new questions:

  • How committed are you to the salvation of our children?
  • How can our churches be directly involved in bring our children to Christ?
  • How invested are you in bringing people to Christ?
  • Are you willing to join us in doing everything it takes to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ?

The big camp question is, will you join us in doing everything it takes to reach the next generations for Jesus Christ?

If you are interested in giving or pledging to the Epworth Forest Project, learning more about the project or about the camping ministry of the Indiana Conference, visit www.rightfuture.org or e-mail me at jean.brindel@inumc.org

The Rev. Jean Moorman Brindel, CFRE, AFP, serves as Development Director: Camping for the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church.

How committed are you to the salvation of our children?