The United Methodist Women’s PURPOSE calls its members to know God through Jesus Christ, to be a supportive community, and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the Global Ministries of the church. Bible studies, spiritual retreats, Schools of Christian Mission and the reading program all enable women to grow in their knowledge of love of Christ and their call to be in mission.

The purpose of the Reading Program is to encourage United Methodist Women to:

  • Expand understanding of and participation in God’s mission;
  • Increase sensitivity to all human beings-their needs, interests, and concerns;
  • Encourage critical thinking about issues facing humanity today;
  • Grow in understanding of Scripture as it relates to Christian faith in contemporary life;
  • Enhance self-knowledge and to act from that knowledge;
  • Strengthen involvement in local and global Christian mission.

The Women’s Division recommends a diverse range of books with the intention of broadening exposure to a variety of concepts. The division does not intend that United Methodist Women accept each word or idea contained within each volume. The Women’s Division wants United Methodist Women to be a knowledgeable and caring Christian about the issues of the day.

The United Methodist Women of Indiana’s Secretary of Program Resources LaDonna Weber announces 2010 Celebration Reading Plans for local women within the state.

In addition to the four Reading Plans designed by Women’s Division (defined online at,  Indiana women offer two special conference plans for 2010:

READ TO ME – During the course of the year, a woman reads to, or with, a child any four of the children’s books on the eligible reading program lists. This could also be extended to reading to a church-run preschool, daycare or nursery school class or a Sunday school class.

ONE CHURCH, ONE BOOK – As a church project choose a book from any of the eligible reading program lists and read together as a church. Involve your pastor, Sunday school classes, small groups and United Methodist Women’s circles could be invited to use the same book as a discussion starter.

Questions and guidelines for submitting names of qualifying reading participants should be directed to LaDonna Weber at

Carolyn Maxey serves as communications coordinator for the United Methodist Women of Indiana.

Be a knowledgeable and caring Christian about the issues of the day.