Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner says it’s time to repent – turn around – and walk in a new direction as we observe the 40 days of Lent.

Coyner partnered with the Clergy Orders of the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church to offer a video presentation they recorded with him in his office at the Conference Center. The service features the Rev. Tim Burchill, chair of the Order of Elders; the Rev. Jennifer Pollard, chair of the Order of Deacons and the Rev. Don Ransford, leader of the Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members.

The conference recorded the 18-minute video for a Pre- Lenten Time of Worship to be used by clergy covenant groups meeting across the state. The service can be streamed or downloaded (downloads coming soon) and saved in your computer. A PDF copy of the order of worship also is available here. Yes, laity may use this video, too, and share it with others.

If you are unable to download the video, you may order a DVD copy of the service by sending your name, address, city, state and ZIP to either, by mailing your request for the Pre-Lenten DVD to Ruth Ellen Needler, Indiana Conference Center of the UMC, 301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46280 or by calling 317-924-1321 and requesting the Pre-Lenten DVD. An invoice of $5 will be sent with the DVD to cover shipping and handling expenses. Make checks payable to the Indiana Conference UMC with a memo “Pre-Lenten DVD.” Thank you.

The Indiana Conference tithe funded this worship video.

High bandwidth video

Low bandwith video