On a regular Wednesday evening at 7:37 p.m., students would come to the Student Union Building on the campus of Vincennes University and gather for worship. On this particular evening, I was asked to be the guest speaker. The entire service was planned and prepared by the students. The music was awesome the testimonies of service and faith in Christ were incredible, I was given the topic “Trust” to fit their theme of the evening. I was asked to provide PowerPoint slides and a video clip.

I was deeply moved by the passion and focus the students gave to the worship experience. After worship, they asked me to hang out and visit with them. I left the Student Union that night at 11 p.m. when it closed. The entire time was spent talking to the students and listening to them share about their faith in Christ and commitment to service.

Campus Ministries, you do touch lives!

John Groves serves as pastor of First United Methodist Church in Vincennes, Ind.

“Campus ministries are one of the most important places for the church to be in mission today.”

– Dr. Alice G. Knotts in the opening to the book
To Transform the World: Vital United Methodist Campus Ministries