The 2010 Campus Ministry Offering

If you were asked if you thought the spiritual and leadership development of today’s college students were important, considering that these students will be our church and community leaders of tomorrow, you would probably say, “Yes!” If you were asked if you would be willing to help make sure a young college student felt welcomed and accepted away from home for the first time, you would probably say, “Yes!” If you were asked if you wanted to change a life for the better by sharing the love of Christ, you would probably say, “Yes!” Now, imagine with your support of campus ministry, all these things happen every day!

As the new Indiana Conference has become a living reality, we have undergone a shift in how we support and connect to ministries beyond congregations. We have recognized that our very best ministry, our most fruitful efforts, come when congregations are passionate and connected to the missions they support. So the initiative for funding missional efforts beyond congregations has been passed back to our congregations.

Fruitful and engaged ministry will result from this shift, but not without some struggle and pain for those ministries who have relied on annual conference funding in the past. In recognition of this year’s transition of our UMC-related campus ministries across the state, the 2009 Indiana Annual Conference voted to receive a special offering in all churches to support these ministries. This offering is set for February and we are hoping that each congregation in the Indiana Conference will participate.

Campus ministry is a mission field. On campuses today we are shaping and guiding our future leaders, the future pastors of your churches and your future civic leaders. We have fantastic ministries in eight communities on eleven college campuses in Indiana that are making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and these are your ministries. They exist with your support, not just financially, but in your prayers and in making connections with students from your congregations.

Today, we ask our congregations to engage in the mission fields of our college campuses, to invest not only just in our college students today but also in the future of our church. We hope that you will support both the February offering and perhaps more importantly, will invest in ongoing relationships with our campus ministries.

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Radical, life-changing mission trips lead student to service and celebration off campus.