Year round camp is the answer.

The ground breaking for the building of the new cabins at Epworth Forest took place on Sunday, Sept. 20
(see October issue of Together).

This marked the beginning of the first major capital investment at this site since 1964. In 1964, there were six lodges built, the “new cottages” we know as “Strawbridge,” “Barbara Heck”… the “new cottages.”

The 2009 building project has an emphasis that was not included in 1964 – heating and air-conditioning for year round use. Back in those days, school was out at the end of May and began again in September. Today, most schools go into summer break sometime in June and are back in session the middle of August. Within that six-to-eight-week period is crammed summer school, soccer camp, cheerleading camp, band camp, 4-H, family vacation and… Kids just don’t have the availability in the summer they once had.

Year round camp is the answer. With new buildings that include heating and air-conditioning, there could be fall break camp, Christmas break camp, spring break camp – anytime there is a three-day weekend, kids could be on site. It is a goal of the campaign to reach an additional TEN THOURSAND KIDS A YEAR FOR JESUS CHRIST. This is a very reachable goal – if the facilities are there so the kids can come.

This project is about more than bricks and mortar; it is about evangelism and discipleship for youth and young adults. We are joining together “in doing everything it takes to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ.”

As the holiday season approaches, many of us begin to think about special end-of-year giving. The tax rules along with the special joy of the season make this a very important time to consider where you want to make the most impact with your giving dollars. Prayerfully consider how your monies will impact the kingdom, and then give with a joyful heart.

Thank you for joining in “doing everything it takes to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ.”

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Jean Brindel, DFRE, AFP, serves as development officer for the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church. She lives in Carmel, Ind.