The University Senate of The United Methodist Church uses seven criteria to determine the integrity of the relationship of church-related colleges and universities. All 84 United Methodist-related colleges and universities (four-year institutions) are reviewed every ten years by a review team coordinated by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the church.

  • A church-related institution identifies itself as such in printed materials, official listings, and other statements of self-description.
  • A church-related institution respects, honors, and provides the teaching of religion and, specifically, appropriate scholarly theological teaching in the Christian tradition within the curriculum. In the case of professional institutions and programs, the curriculum includes opportunity for faculty and student reflection on the ethical dimensions of professional practice.
  • A church-related institution respects and honors religious practice and, specifically, worship and service for students and faculty that choose to participate in the Christian tradition within the total life of the school.
  • A church-related institution willingly allows faculty and students to explore the place of religious belief and practice and, specifically, the intellectual dimensions of Christian faith in all academic disciplines and co-curricular activities.
  • A church-related institution encourages the exploration of the place of religious belief and practice in the larger society and advocates appropriate recognition of the contributions of religion to public life.
  • A church-related institution recognizes the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church and seeks to create a community of scholarship and learning which facilitates social justice.
  • A church-related institution includes in its faculty, administrative officers, and board of trustees persons who understand and respect the relationship with The United Methodist Church.

Source: The 2009-12 edition of The Organization, Policies and Guidelines of The University Senate of the United Methodist Church, available at