Through open communication, education and support, Rejuvenate guides Indiana Conference clergy, as well as their spouses, families and congregations, to participate in the following step-by-step process:

THINK theologically about stewardship,

LEARN about financial issues and the support available,

TALK more openly about these financial issues with one another,

DECIDE to take advantage of the support available,

CHANGE habits in the area of financial planning and decision making and

RECEIVE the matching grant funding available to clergy through Rejuvenate.

Let’s get practical

What can or will people actually do as they participate in these various steps?

THINK: Open yourself and your way of thinking about finances to God. Through prayer, acknowledge that God may have some information about finances to learn.

LEARN: Through the Rejuvenate Web pages (, learn about Rejuvenate and the many opportunities available through this project. Contact Michelle Cobb, Rejuvenate project director, at or 317-924-1321 to learn more and discuss potential next steps.

TALK: Communicate with your spouse, covenant partners, financial counselors and other trusted individuals about the financial issues, challenges and/or goals you are facing or considering.

DECIDE: Register and attend a Rejuvenate-sponsored educational workshop or class being offered to clergy, their spouses, congregations and individuals to grow in the area of finances.

CHANGE: Start new habits about how and when you will pray and take your financial issues to God for guidance. Create and implement a family budget. Work with your spouse or family to follow it. Make a weekly “date” with your spouse to review your finances. Change how your family is spending money (such as eating out less and buying generic-brand groceries). Make new goals about what percentage of money your family will save. Take advantage of additional retirement-related resources.

RECEIVE: Continue conversations with Rejuvenate Project Director Michelle Cobb about how to apply online for a matching grant available to clergy through Rejuvenate.