The Indiana Conference … will begin to understand more fully what it means to move from a culture of scarcity to generosity.

As Rejuvenate launched this past July, I moved into my new position as Rejuvenate project director, having previously and gladly served as superintendent of the Lafayette and Calumet districts.

Why would I take on this new role with such enthusiasm? I clearly felt God drawing me to Rejuvenate and giving me a passion for the clergy, clergy spouses, congregations and individuals who could be touched as a result.

Have you ever experienced indebtedness personally or known someone who has? If yes, then you know it can be debilitating – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically.

When I read the proposal for a four-year grant that would assist clergy and congregations in the area of financial management and planning and stewardship education, I was intrigued and then overjoyed.

Through Rejuvenate, clergy, congregations and individuals can experience transformation through education and open communication. The learning opportunities that Rejuvenate offers can assist individuals to take control of their finances and leave behind the debilitating state caused by indebtedness.

The Indiana Conference and then others will begin to understand more fully what it means to move from a culture of scarcity to generosity.

Much support is given through Rejuvenate for clergy and their families, yet the project also benefits congregations and individuals who desire to understand and practice faithful financial discipleship. Numerous educational and growth opportunities are available to all.

Have you ever read a good article or book, and your mind is just racing with new thoughts and ideas? I had this experience after reading the Rejuvenate grant proposal. The following words came to my mind: “thank you, freedom and abundant life.”

“Thank you” to God because Rejuvenate is a resource that can benefit clergy, clergy families and others who are experiencing significant debt or those who are not in debt, but desire to learn more about financial management and planning.

Through Rejuvenate, there is “freedom” from financial strain that clergy and congregations can experience. Some have never known this kind of freedom; while others haven’t known it for many years.This “freedom” makes it possible for clergy, clergy spouses and congregations to communicate about finances, and its impact on their lives, personally and corporately as the body of Jesus Christ.

Finally, through God’s guidance and the support of Rejuvenate, there is the “abundant life” that Jesus talks about in John 10:10: “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” Rejuvenate can help all of us experience His abundant life more fully.

I urge you to learn more about Rejuvenate by visiting, click on Rejuvenate and make plans to attend an upcoming “Extravagant Generosity” Workshop or other Rejuvenate-sponsored learning opportunities.

Michelle Cobb serves as the Rejuvenate project director, Indiana Conference, The United Methodist Church