Students are back in class for the new school year at Africa University (United Methodist University
located in Zimbabwe). As usual, they are enthused about the process of preparing to be leaders in
business, education, government, etc on the continent of Africa.

When Dr. Fanuel Tagwira, Vice Chancellor of Africa University, was in Indiana recently, he reminded
groups with whom he spoke of the critical need for scholarship assistance for these students. They and
their families work very hard at finding the funds for their education. However, most cannot do it
alone. Support is needed from individuals and churches all over the United Methodist connection, to
help them continue their education.

You can be a part of this great effort by sending money to one of the Indiana Conference Offices marked
“District AU Scholarship” or just “AU student scholarship.” One year costs $5,400 for tuition, room,
board, and fees. Working together the churches of Indiana can fund several students and help change the
future of Africa. What a wonderful opportunity!