“What is it that takes our breath away about God?”

– Bishop Sally Dyck


COLUMBUS, Ind. – Applying the story of Job to life in the church today, Bishop Sally Dyck od Minnesota preached to more than 180 Hoosier United Methodists pastors and other ministers during Pastors Convocation Oct. 12-14 at the Columbus Holiday Inn.

She said Job had everything and was the most influential man in the east. Then Satan and God decided to have a contest to see if Job would give up his faith. In just six verses, Job lost his wealth and his three daughters and seven sons.

“We have a similar story in the church …,” she said. “Have you lost the next generation in the church?”

Like Job, a whirlwind has swept away our next generation. “Until we connect with the grief that we have lost a generation… let’s connect with the grief. The grief is not just in the pew, it’s also in the pulpit,” she said.

“We have forgotten the transcendent God. What is it that takes our breath away about God? ... When do we stop thinking it’s about us? What is God calling us to be?”

She said we need someone in the shadows like Job had Elihu to see the greatness of God.

In other plenary sessions during the three days, pastors and their colleagues heard a:

  • Rousing sermon about refreshing pastoral ministry by Frank Beard followed by Holy Communion,
  • Presentation on justice and advocacy ministries with Darren Cushman-Wood and Lisa Marchal,
  • Music by a jazz ensemble led by Marvin Chandler,
  • Presentation on multi-ethnic evangelism by Beard,
  • Report on the progress of our new conference by Bishop Mike Coyner,
  • Participants chose to attend three out of 13 workshops offered on congregational life.

This event was sponsored in part by the Ministerial Educational Fund of The United Methodist Church.