INDIANAPOLIS – Each Tuesday morning men arrive, one by one, to the same coffee shop on the north side of Indianapolis.

What started as three men coming together to talk about the deaths of their children has grown to 16 fathers who “belong to the group no one wants to belong to.” They have discovered through their mornings together what they could not discover on their own or in traditional grief group settings. Men grieve differently than women, and only with the support of other fathers who have lost their children, could they begin to heal and have hope.

Tuesday Mornings with the Dads (Inkwater Press) is a compelling book not only of the incomprehensible tragedy of losing one’s child unexpectedly, but of the surprising place where support, understanding, friendship and hope were found. Each of the fourteen chapters was written by a dad, who tells the story of his child (or children), of the nightmare days and months following their child’s death, and of coming out of the nightmare through the simple act of finding other dads with whom to talk. With amazing candor and quiet strength, each father shares his journey of a place no parent ever wants to travel and reveals the destination is not the expected one of darkness, but a place of relative peace.

Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy, who lost a son, penned the foreword to Tuesday Mornings. Dungy wrote, “These dads were brought together by tragedy and together they have worked their way through it. While none of them would say they’re completely healed, they all feel that God has brought them together and allowed them to help each other. By writing this book, they will now help others – not only parents who’ve lost children but anybody who is facing unthinkable grief… I’m grateful to them for sharing their stories. I thank them for showing us that, no matter what the obstacles, with God’s help – and with each other – we can persevere through anything life throws at us.”

Tuesday Mornings with the Dads is available online at, and It also is available at Barnes & Noble.

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Each father shares his journey of a place no parent ever wants to travel.