Indiana United Methodist Women has selected Anderson University as the site of its united first School of Christian Mission. The weekday mission education event is scheduled for July 13-16, 2010 with a one-day sampler scheduled for Saturday, July 17.

The “Sampler” is new name given for what was formerly Drive-in-Day for the former North Conference school and Super Saturday for the former South Conference school.

Two major themes will define the 2010 school: “This is God’s School” and “For the Love of God.”

Each year participants choose two from the three studies offered by the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries. The 2010 spiritual growth study is titled, “For the Love of God: John’s Letters.”

The social issue study is “Joy to the World: Mission in the Age of Global Christianity” and “The Beauty and Courage of Sudan“ will be studied again, as the geographic study offered two consecutive years. Study leaders are yet to be announced.

Anderson University promises to be an exciting place for the first school of United Methodist Women of Indiana. The university has offered use of their amenities including: swimming pool, state of the art Wellness Center, basketball and tennis courts, museums and campground to School of Christian Mission participants.

These added amenities will especially appeal to the Chi-Mi-Ca (Children’s Mission Camp for ages 3 through grade 5) and for the Yo-Pe-Mi-Ca (Youth grade 6 through highs school). Although always a time of fun and fellowship, more importantly School of Christian Mission participants of all ages learn of Christ’s great love for everyone as they learn of the plights and beauty of God’s people elsewhere and how God calls us to respond in loving service to their needs.

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Carolyn Maxey serves as communications coordinator for the United Methodist Women of Indiana.