What’s in a name?

Well-Lived Pastoral Life Project. Well-Lived Life Project. Rejuvenate, A New Outlook On Money.

In less than a year, an Indiana Conference-wide project that will equip clergy, clergy spouses, laity, and congregations in the areas of financial management and planning, has undergone several name changes.

The name is Rejuvenate. The tag line is “A New Outlook on Money”! Rejuvenate, the four year project that received a grant from the Lilly Endowment.

Why the name change?

The feedback received stated the name, “The Well-Live Pastoral Life Project,” was an exclusive name. And although the project was designed to assist laity and congregations, the name did not reflect that. So, the term, “Pastoral” was dropped, and the name of the project was changed to, “Well Lived Life Project”.

Feedback received indicated the name did not convey the message of the project – hope, freedom, new possibilities.

Now, some may be thinking, what’s the big deal about a name? Believe me, it is a big deal. As I travel throughout the Indiana Conference and listen, I hear people refer to the project as a project that will help pastors. There is no mention of individual laity and congregations benefiting from the project.

However, the learning opportunities are for clergy, clergy spouses, laity and congregations. Yes, the matching grant funds are for clergy; the project is designed however, to make sure that clergy spouses, laity and congregations will benefit educationally from the project, too.

Rejuvenate is the name of the project. And as the tag line reminds us, this is a project that will help all of us to have “a new outlook on money.”

Michelle Cobb serves as the project director of Rejuvenate and can be contacted at mcobb@inareaumc.org.

For more information about rejuvenate, visit www.inumc.org/rejuvenate.

A new outlook on money.

Money tip: Card it!

Take advantage of grocery stores and gas stations that offer cards that can be redeemed for points. The points can be used to off-set food and gas purchases.