At the recent North Central Jurisdiction Division on Ministries with Young People Convocation and Legislative Assembly at the Wisconsin Dells, several young Indiana leaders were selected to lead the jurisdiction in empowering young people as world-changing disciples of Jesus Christ, nurturing faith development and equipping young leaders.

Casey Madsen, a student at University of Indianapolis, was selected as vice-chair of the steering committee. Ben Boruff, a student at Indiana University, was selected as treasurer. Kaylee Stoops of Monroe was selected as an at-large youth representative on the committee, and Dawn Barnes, a lay leader of Greensburg, was selected as an adult focused on young adult ministries.

Boruff, Stoops, Barnes and Breanna Coppes were selected as representatives of the North Central Jurisdiction to the 2010 Global Young People’s Convocation and Legislative Assembly in Berlin, Germany. Melissa Zimmerman was selected as an alternate.

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