The Indiana Conference Cabinet has announced in what cities the ten District Resource Centers will be located across the state. A few of these locations are subject to change as are locations of current district offices within a city in the new conference. The locations included by District and District Superintendent (DS) are:

  1. North District with DS Cindy Reynolds in LaPorte
  2. Northeast District with DS David Michel in Fort Wayne*
  3. Northwest District with DS Craig LaSuer in Lafayette*
  4. West District with DS Judi Purvis in Greencastle
  5. North Central with DS Frank Beard in Kokomo*
  6. Central District with DS Bert Kite in Indianapolis*
  7. East District with DS Dale Mendenhall in Muncie*
  8. Southeast District with DS Brian White in Columbus*
  9. Southwest District with DS Glenn Howell in Evansville*
  10. South District with DS Charles Wilfong in Georgetown

The new District Resource Centers will begin to open in January 2010. This map of the 10 new Indiana Conference districts can be found at, click on Districts.

* Same city as current city with district office.