SEELYVILLE, Ind. – What if church wasn’t just a building, but thousands of doors opening to different experiences of church? That’s the challenge one Wabash Valley congregation took seriously Sunday, Sept 13.

Seelyville United Methodist Church gathered as usual for worship at 9:30 a.m., but following an abbreviated service, members moved out into the community for a morning of “Service in Seelyville.”

“Everyone participated in service one of three ways,” explained Pastor Steve Bahrt. “Some walked the streets and alleys of Seelyville to pick up litter. Others walked these same streets and bathed each home in prayer. Still others cleaned up and made minor repairs at the town park in preparation for the Seelyville Street Fair the following Sunday.”

The 119-year-old congregation has long served the Seelyville community, but is looking to do even more in the coming year. “Service in Seelyville” is a part of the response to the question, “what if we rethink church?” Rethinking church means bringing the church and all its ministries out into the community, rather than expecting the community to come to the church.

A new site,, uses the images of thousands of doors, each opening to a new way to connect to the church.

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Rethink Church is a campaign to invite The United Methodist Church, and those un-churched who seek spiritual fulfillment, to become more outwardly focused and engaged in the world. The campaign seeks to offer the church as a base of operation for expressing faith by moving out into communities and around the globe to become part of God’s plan for world transformation. The aim is to spark a global conversation about what it means to live as a person of faith in today’s world.

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