FRANKLIN, Ind. – Writers continue their craft and hone their skills at the Frankllin United Methodist Community.

Begun in Wesley Center two years ago by Dot Reese with 16 residence interested in sharing their writings for improving their work, Writer in Residence has contributed to the life of the community through the annual arts and craft show, readings during a December program and a summer program.

At their meetings, members of the group read their writing and invite suggestions for improvement. The variety of topics, viewpoints, and genre seems to invigorate the group. A retired minister with five grandchildren is creating a book for each child with inter-personal experiences. Another writer is reporting his boyhood days and mores for his progeny.

A retired administrative secretary is adding to her collection of published religious verse. She also writes special occasion pieces. A retired hospital chaplain writes commentaries for grievers. One writes of significant occasions and travel with her late husband. Another creates word puzzles. Another writes of astronomy and science topics, while another writes humorous vignettes of typical senior citizen behaviors. Several members have published successfully.

Other groups at the Franklin Community include study groups, guest speakers, concert trips, religious services, day trips and long trips. A group is forming for travel to Italy and Germany’s Passion Play in 2010.

Activity Director Sharon Swingly promotes a varied schedule of activities for residece including a wellness center, arts and crafts. More individual activities are available through a computer room, pool, poolroom, carpentry shop and greenhouse.

Individual involvement in physical and mental activities is a hallmark of endeavor at Franklin Community. Many activities are available.

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