How challenging it is to be a clergy person today. There are so many challenges, both professionally and personally.

One challenge identified by The Lilly Endowment is the challenge clergy and their families face due to financial pressures; more specifically, the financial pressures caused by education indebtedness.

Laity also are not immune to financial pressures.

In a consumer driven society, both clergy and laity are challenged to seriously consider the financial pressures that affect their overall sense of well-being. How can financial pressures be addressed? Are there tools that can assist clergy, clergy families, laity and congregations to face these pressures?

I am glad you asked! One answer is REJUVENATE.

REJUVENATE offers an extensive educational program about clergy and lay stewardship, and good financial practices. This program will be linked to four initiatives for clergy (education debt reduction, retirement savings, family emergencies and clergy excellence).

The first educational opportunity begins this fall. An Extravagant Generosity workshop with the Rev. David Bell will be held regionally throughout Indiana.

The workshop, for clergy, clergy spouses and lay teams of United Methodist churches, will highlight: Christian stewardship for clergy and their spouses, an introduction to personal budget planning (for clergy and spouses); discover best practices for effective year-round stewardship, examination of the current socio-economic trends effecting charitable giving, and learning to move from a negative cycle of scarcity to a positive cycle of abundance.

Read more about REJUVENATE and the upcoming workshop at

REJUVENATE, a project of the Indiana Conference, is made possible by a grant from the Lilly Endowment.

Michelle Cobb serves as the project director of Rejuvenate and can be contacted at


The first step to any change is the desire to want to change.

Tip 1 – Balance your checkbook. Always know how much money you have in your checking account. Avoid overdraft fees.

Mission Statement: Rejuvenate is to prepare United Methodist clergy and laity for faithful service to the world.

Vision Statement: Rejuvenate will strengthen the quality of pastoral leadership and enhance the vitality of congregations through the development of spiritual, financial, intellectual, and institutional resources.