The annual conference approved $15.1 million income and expense budgets for the 2010 conference year. The budget amount was based upon the 2008 actual income of $15.8 million.

The Conference Council on Finance and Administration (CF&A) called the budget realistic, reasonable and achievable.

The income budget is based upon a 10 percent tithe of $13.8 million from the 1,200 congregations giving 10 percent of their monthly income to the conference, plus another one-percent of income from each church to support its district ministries and adding another $1.38 million to the conference income budget.

The expense budget of $15,166,718 will support 80 percent of the general church apportionment of $5.9 million or $4.7 million (31.2 percent of the budget). The Indiana Conference CF&A has requested the General CF&A to recalculate the new conference’s apportionment in light of the unification of the two former conferences and plans to pay 80 percent of the General Church apportionment in 2010, 90 percent in 2011 and hopefully a full 100 percent in 2012.

Two significant changes in the budget have directly affected retiree health-care insurance and outreach ministries, especially campus ministries, which was reduced to no income from the conference budget. Other conference-related ministries were affected by this move, too, but not to the extent that campus ministries was affected.

The conference did take measures to shore up individual congregational giving to campus ministries through a Special Sunday offering and other means.

Other expenditures in the conference 2010 budget include: $2.5 million (16.7 percent) for districts including the salaries of district superintendents, $1.95 million (12.9 percent) for pension and health-care insurance, and $5.9 million (39.2 percent) for connectional ministries, church development, communications, administrative services, episcopal office and another $958,200 for financial services.