On behalf of the conference Transition Team, Chair Cindy Reynolds, brought seven recommendations to the conference June 26 to implement a new district structure. They included Recommendation 4 which was a major shift from last year’s five bi-district resource centers with two districts and superintendents proposal to a ten district configuration including a superintendent, associate superintendent, district assistant plus partnering with conference-supported connectional ministries and church development. The reason for the change was a fear of adding another layer of structure and increasing the complexity of a bi-district structure.

Other recommendations included:

  • District lines including cluster configurations which have been drawn by the bishop and cabinet,
  • Support of the directors of connectional ministries and church development,
  • Support of the rules and structure report already adopted,
  • Asking the bishop to name an ongoing Transition Team,
  • Enabling the ten district structures to be formed, and
  • Discontinuing the current Transition Team.

After discussion and concerns about district funding, the conference approved the recommendation to form a ten-district resource center structure.

This is a map of the ten new Indiana Conference districts that will begin operating on January 1. 2010. It’s available here