Totaling 742 years of service as ordained ministers, 28 pastors retired during this first session of the new Indiana Conference. They were granted retirement status by the clergy executive session of the conference held Thursday night June 25 at Union Chapel Ministries UMC in Muncie.

Those ministers with years of service include: Forrest L. Bowers 15, Neil D. Butcher 40, Mary Beth Byrne 38, Terry D. Campbell 37, Cheryl A. Jones Cumbee 25, David C. Cummings 25, Kent E. Dale 26, James A. Dance 38, Roger Domingo 6, Wendell L. Emerson 14, Ann. L. Glass 31, Saundra Hamm 17, Darrell Harris 11, Ernest M. Howard Jr. 30, S. John Hrynk 20, Steven G. Kaetzel 40, Barbara Jean Kinsler 14, Ronald L. Lawhead 39, Andrea L. Leininger 21, Gloria J. Nelson 20, Ella Myers Nickles 25, Nancy Schoff 23, Stephen R. Seitz 26, Nancy E. Stimson 18, Cheryl E. Stratton 11, Jerry Wibert 49, J. Scott Wood 44 and John K. Wortinger 39. The session also granted retirement to Warrell Law and Bernice Gude.