Youth from across the Indiana Conference and the Muncie District participated in a fun evening of fellowship, worship and sharing on Saturday night June 27.

The Rev. Mark Beeson of Granger Community United Methodist Church near South Bend provided the message to more than 150 youth at the event.

“You try to stay true. You try to stay on path. It’s too easy to get off track,” said Beeson. “Then you’ve got to pay close attention to who you let close to you.”

Beeson shared experiences throughout his life where he learned from others who were teachers, colleagues and friends and how their influence guided and helped him.

“But it’s the stuff in you that can kill you,” added Beeson about the various sins that we all face through out lives.

“Jesus came into the world for you. If you don’t let God help you, it will ruin your life. God comes to revive us.”

Beeson called upon the youth to let Jesus have a strong influence in their lives and to be cleansed by God’s love.

“You are the hope that the world is looking for. You are the carriers of Christ,” he said. “If you let Jesus keep you clean, your life will shine with purpose, meaning and joy.”