Did you ever see something that put all you thought you knew into question for just a split second?

I experienced such a moment this past spring. Needing to plant grass seed, flowers and do other spring stuff, I went to one of those big home improvement store where I could purchase it all in one trip.

I found the store’s gardening-outdoor section, and began to fill my cart. There was the garden hose, just next to the fertilizer. In the next isle all in a row, were the vegetable garden seeds, flower seeds and bird seed. My brain began to spin – bird seed? I thought birds were hatched!

Thinking of birds, an idea began to hatch in my brain as I filled the cart.

I think many people get confused about where new Christian come from. Reports show church camp is the place where most church members – when children, youth and young adults – meet Christ and make a commitment to Christ and His church.

Church camp is not sports camp where kids hone their athletic skills. Church camp is not band camp where they learn the latest marching routine. And it’s not simply a place where kids go to escape the family for a week. But rather, church camp is the place where children, youth and young adults go to make life changing decision to follow Christ. There all activities nurture Christian growth.

Camps and retreats are the most effective evangelism tool of the church.

With the economy in a tail spin, many kids have been on scholarships to camp this summer. Churches and individuals have gifted their youth, as has the scholarship fund from the conference camping ministry itself. Because of this giving, literary hundreds of children, youth and young adults have made a commitment to follow Christ.

To those of you who have gifted a child or youth, either through your local church or your gift to the annual camp scholarship fund of the conference camping ministry – Thank you. You have helped plant faith and the gift of eternal life in a child. You have made a difference.

Meanwhile back at the garden store, my car was loaded with all of the spring things, including bird seed. I filled the bird feeders, and sure enough in just a couple of days, birds flocked to my yard. Bird seed – so that’s where all those boomin’ birds come from.

Camps and retreats are the most effective evangelism tool of the church.